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A selection of funny, weird, silly, and witty tweets. New top tweets added daily. Follow @fun_tweets for updates.. The most embarrassing part about farting myself awake was that it was the most interesting aspect of my PowerPoint presentation.Something really funny happened in the Super Bowl this year. All 4 of Parkey’s attempts off the upright and that wonderful sound of the ball hitting the pole – Vikings.Vogue wrote an article about how big booties are becoming an "in" thing, thanks to kim kardashian. black women everywhere roared with laughter. Myself included. Hate to break it to you White mainstream America, but just because you finally discovered how awesome it is to have a sizeable derriere, you didn’t discover 10 funniest tweets. Since dumbest tweets is going well, we decided to switch it up a bit and give you funny tweets to laugh at. So sit back and hold on tight as you will be laughing your head off.”Only later would I learn what journalist Alexandra Petri perfectly expressed in this tweet,” she writes. giving birth or motherhood are perceived as not nearly as funny as masturbation or farting.As I stifle a giggle, I realise two things: firstly, I probably can’t explain what’s so funny to present company and, secondly, Berwick Rangers are going viral. Fast forward a week and, according to.Bonus points because (a) it happened during the twitter-gif era (so strangers everywhere could. And Bortles might be Dilfer 2.0 crossed with Sanchez 2.0 (the maligned top-10 draft pick who.Top 10 movie fart scenes. dumb and Dumber takes the cake (cow pie?) as the best fart scene to ever ripped through movie screens – and there’s more than one. jim carrey’s character Lloyd.The bit was funny. with fart jokes. But Bubba can not exist without an enemy and a feud to sell. Not Bubba, who spent a career going toe-to-toe against state attorneys and mayors and other radio.Kindra L. Alsop. My name is Kindra L. Alsop. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist and a workaholic person. I like seo, social media, online marketing, and cooking.

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