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Today she celebrates 2 years clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. She's been with Ascension House for 18 months and has brought a light to many in the .The goal of a structured sober living, or any good aftercare program, is to help the individual succeed in recovery and become adjusted to living a normal daily life. After treatment has been sought and carried out, aftercare is recommended as part of the treatment plan and a structured sober living can be a key component in that process.These individuals may be back to work and to school, but the intensive outpatient program requires them to spend a few hours each day, a few days each week, working on their recovery in a structured .Live Free Structured Sober Living is located in the beautiful state of NH. Our many locations offer a unique opportunity for guests to enjoy the state if New Hampshire, its culture, the NH addiction recovery community, and vast work opportunities, all without sacrificing the ability to enjoy the outdoors.A sober living house or transitional living is a sober residence for those who have a minimum of 30 days of sobriety and ideally have completed treatment at a residential treatment center or outpatient rehab program. sober homes provide daily support and structure in a cooperative living arrangement and assist the newly sober person in.Opening a sober living home is not as easy as just buying or renting a home and opening the door to those in addiction or recovery. Whether it is a non-profit or private venture, a sober living home is a fully operational organization with customers, personnel, regulations, financial transactions and more.ascension recovery services has been expanding rapidly in. Business and organizational structure; Full support from our team for starting a center. Those who take part in an IOP and sober living housing are twice as.Going into a sober living home after leaving an addiction treatment center. It doesn't provide the same level of structure as an inpatient facility,At Pacifica Recovery, we provide structured sober living accommodations in beautiful Palm Springs at the base of Mount San Jacinto. Our facility has 24 hour,When the retired physician inspects a house, one of his first questions is: “Where’s the Narcan?” The Valley Street home he was inspecting is one of scores of sober-living houses that. Others have.